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About VAT Free Silver

UK Gold Bullion are now offering customers the opportunity to buy silver bars and coins without paying VAT. Your bullion will be stored in an accredited vault in the Channel Island of Gurnsey, and with no VAT to pay it means you will receive 20% extra Silver for your money. VAT will only become payable if you later request delivery off the Island.

Your bars and coins will be securely stored and fully insured against loss. All goods stored with us will be regularly independently audited by Grant Thornton. The Channel Islands is world renowned for hosting Banking and Financial institutions with a robust regulatory authority.

  • You can sell your investments back to us at any time or request secure delivery.
  • No minimum holding.
  • Minimum charge equivalent to £10 per month.

We strongly believe our VAT-free bullion storage proposition offers UK investors a cost effective and secure way to buy and store physical silver.

Your silver will be vaulted on a dynamically allocated basis meaning your investment will always be legally yours, fully insured and professionally vaulted.